Addressing Warning Signs in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Addressing Warning Signs in Your Digital Marketing Strategy: A Key to Long-Term Success

Addressing Warning Signs in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Every homeowner is familiar with the anxiety that comes with the inspection process. I’ve personally experienced this stress a little too frequently, having moved three times in the last five years. Each inspection brought to light issues that threatened to derail the sale or caused me to reconsider a potential purchase. Much like in real estate, recognizing and addressing early warning signs in your digital marketing strategy can save you from significant problems down the line.

Parallels Between Home Ownership and Digital Marketing Strategies

Reflecting on my experiences as a homeowner, I began to see parallels between the world of real estate and the world of digital marketing. On one occasion, an issue that initially appeared serious, such as foundational problems, ended up being relatively simple to rectify. In another instance, what started as a minor problem, a sunroom slowly detaching from the main structure, evolved into a gap that invited water damage and mold – a costly fix.

These experiences have left me with an important lesson – it is far more effective to address potential problems at the first sign of trouble, rather than waiting until they become unmanageable.

Ignoring the Warning Signs: A Common Misstep in Digital Marketing Strategies

While living in a home I was intending to sell, I noticed that the windows in our front room weren’t closing properly, and nearby bricks were cracking. Instead of addressing these red flags head-on, I chose temporary fixes. This approach, I have found, mirrors how many organizations handle their company’s marketing strategy and digital infrastructure.

When cracks in a digital marketing strategy start to show – dips in traffic from organic search, diminishing returns on previously successful content marketing tactics, and escalating costs – we often resort to quick fixes or lay the blame on external factors like seasonal fluctuations or inflation.

Laying the Foundation for a Successful Marketing Strategy

The truth of the matter is, there comes a point when you need to stop patching up the cracks and start working on the foundation. Ignoring the signs that your digital marketing campaign or website needs comprehensive analysis and repair can result in much bigger issues down the road. This mirrors the “pay now or pay later” scenario faced by homeowners during inspections.

Four Steps to Fortify Your Digital Marketing Strategy

So, what can you do to ensure your organization doesn’t fall into this trap? Here are four steps to help fortify your digital marketing strategy and improve marketing effectiveness:

  1. Monitor Performance Metrics: Regular checks on your website traffic, conversion rates, and other key performance indicators (KPIs) can help you identify gaps and issues before they snowball into significant problems.
  2. Stay Abreast of Industry Trends: Keeping an eye on shifts in the digital marketing landscape, such as algorithm updates, new platforms, emergence of a new company or marketing channels and evolving consumer behaviors, is crucial in maintaining marketing effectiveness.
  3. Invest in Regular Maintenance: Just like a house, your marketing strategy requires regular upkeep. Schedule periodic audits of your marketing initiatives, website performance, digital assets and content quality to ensure everything is operating as it should.
  4. Embrace Change: Be ready to adapt your marketing campaigns when data suggests it’s time for a change. Don’t hesitate to pivot or revise your marketing plans or change your marketing mix if it’s not yielding the expected results.

Ensuring the Longevity of Your Digital Strategy

Paying attention to the warning signs and proactively addressing issues in your digital marketing strategy can prevent more significant issues in the future. Don’t allow your organization to suffer the consequences of neglecting the foundational aspects of your digital marketing efforts. By being vigilant, adaptive, and proactive, you can craft successful digital strategies that will stand the test of time, much like a well-maintained home.

A Deep Dive into the Four Steps to Fortify Your Digital Strategy

Having laid out the four key steps to reinforce your marketing strategy, let’s dive deeper into each of these and understand how they contribute to a robust digital strategy.

Monitoring Performance Metrics: The Pulse of Your Digital Strategy

The first step, monitoring performance metrics, serves as a check-up for your digital strategy’s health. Just like regular health check-ups help detect potential issues before they become serious, routinely monitoring your website traffic, click through rates, conversion rates, and other KPIs not only help you measure success, they can also help you nip any brewing marketing problems in the bud. For instance, if there’s a sudden dip in organic traffic or a lower-than-usual conversion rate, you can investigate the cause and take corrective action before it impacts your marketing goals.

Staying Abreast of Industry Trends: A Necessity in a Rapidly Evolving Landscape

The digital landscape is continuously changing. From algorithm updates and new social media platforms to shifting consumer behaviors, it’s crucial to keep an eye on these changes. Staying up-to-date with industry trends allows you to modify your digital strategies accordingly, ensuring they remain relevant and effective. Moreover, understanding these trends can help you spot opportunities for innovation that can give your company a sustainable competitive advantage.

Regular Maintenance: Preventive Care for Your Marketing Strategy

Regular maintenance, or scheduled audits, of your marketing strategies, website performance, customer experience and content quality are crucial for maintaining marketing effectiveness. These audits are key elements that allow you to identify areas that need improvement, such as website load times, broken links, outdated content, or ineffective marketing tactics. By conducting regular audits, you ensure your digital strategy is always running optimally, just like a well-oiled machine.

Embracing Change: The Cornerstone of a Successful Marketing Strategy

Finally, embracing change is a critical aspect of a successful digital plan. If your data shows that specific parts of your marketing plan aren’t working as expected, or a new trend has emerged that could impact your strategy, don’t be afraid to adapt. Pivoting or revising your marketing campaign based on data and changing circumstances shows that your organization is responsive and flexible, which is crucial for success in a dynamic environment like digital marketing.

The Road to a Successful Marketing Strategy

By understanding and implementing these steps in your marketing plan, you can create a robust digital strategy that addresses issues before they escalate. Just like a well-maintained house that stands firm despite the test of time, a well-planned and effective digital marketing strategy can stand up to changing trends and yield sustainable results.

A Culture of Proactiveness

Fostering a culture of proactiveness across your marketing teams, where potential issues are addressed at their nascent stage, goes a long way in ensuring the longevity and success of your marketing activities. Embrace change, adapt, and remember – the only constant in digital marketing is change.

Prioritizing Regular Checks

Prioritize regular checks of your performance metrics, keep an eye out for industry trends, and be prepared to adapt. This continuous cycle of observing, learning, and adapting is the hallmark of a successful digital strategy.

A Necessity, Not an Option

Paying heed to warning signs and addressing issues promptly isn’t an option but a necessity for organizations aiming for success in their digital marketing endeavors. A digital marketing strategy, like a well-built house, requires consistent care, regular maintenance, and the ability to adapt to changing conditions. And when you do see a crack, don’t merely plaster over it – dig deep, find the root cause, and fix it. Your marketing strategy will be stronger and more resilient for it.

Brent Bouldin

Partner & Co-Founder | New Media Advisors

Brent Bouldin is a Partner and Co-Founder of New Media Advisors. Previously, Brent was Head of Marketing, Media and Customer Acquisition at Choice Hotels International and led the Digital Marketing and Media Center of Excellence at Bank of America. Brent has held strategy consulting roles at Deloitte Consulting and Ernst & Young and served as the Chief Strategist at He has led Digital and Social Committee of the Association of National Advertisers (ANA) and has a seat on the North American Board of Directors for the Mobile marketing Association (MMA).

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