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7 Strategies to Win More Share in Local SEO

By Scott Gardner
Local Search is one of the most important, high-impact digital marketing channels for small, regional and national brick & mortar businesses. As industries are transformed by the predominant usage of smartphones along with changes in Consumer shopping behavior (including post COVID-19 impacts), it is critical that locally-based businesses embrace the opportunities Local SEO provides and take the necessary steps to win their fair share of customer demand. Read More >
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The Impact of BERT on the SEO Industry

By Scott Gardner
In October 2019, Google rolled out a groundbreaking change to its search ecosystem with the introduction of BERT. In fact, many authorities in the SEO world (such as Search Engine Land) deemed this to be “the largest change to Google’s search system since the company introduced RankBrain” back in 2014. What is BERT?... Read More >
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Paid Search Trends

By Brent Bouldin
Today we will cover the other side of the search landscape – Paid Search – and one of the biggest changes happening in the industry that you will want to pay attention to as you plan your strategy for PPC advertising... Read More >
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Finding Balance Between PPC and SEO

By Brent Bouldin
Several years ago, I was invited to Mountain View to discuss go-forward strategies, alpha and beta test opportunities and ways that my company could partner more effectively with Google. At the end of the day, they shared some emerging capabilities and tests they had in market at the time... Read More >
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