Building Internal Capabilities (Video)

By Brent Bouldin
Almost without exception, every company we've worked with or for has leveraged external partners to do at least a portion of the marketing. However, the growing movement of building more capabilities in-house is the way of the future and gives brands more control over their future successes while reducing risks.

5 Marketing Trends to Watch for in 2021

By Brent Bouldin
2020 is in the rear view and we are happy to leave it behind with optimism for the future. Checkout 5 of the marketing trends we and other marketing leaders are watching for in 2021 to capitalize on opportunity and drive their brands towards more efficient growth focused on the needs and behaviors of target audiences.

In Housing Trends Continue

By Brent Bouldin
Gartner’s Annual CMO Spend Survey is always an interesting read.  It provides a peak into the minds of CMOs and the issues they are dealing with leading large marketing organizations.  One thing that clearly continues to be top of mind is the trend of in-housing work that, historically, was managed by agency partners.  According to this year’s survey, almost one third of CMOs shifted work from agency partners to in-house teams...
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