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Lifetime Value vs. ROI – Which Marketing Metric Should You Use?

CLTV is not the sole measure organizations need to use to measure performance or drive growth for the business.  It is perhaps the most critical measure, however.   Armed with an understanding of value over the life of the relationship will allow organizations to re-orient their marketing mix and focus spend where it’s most impactful.  It may also require facing some inconvenient truths – that many of the tactics that are tried and true in your organization are no longer worth your time and investment.

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The Importance of the Marketing Mix

By Brent Bouldin
One of the more challenging things I’ve experienced in my career is working with companies that do not understand or appreciate the unique role each channel plays in a comprehensive marketing plan. When I think of how marketing should work, I think of the analogy of baking a cake...  Read More >
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The Impact of BERT on the SEO Industry

By Scott Gardner
In October 2019, Google rolled out a groundbreaking change to its search ecosystem with the introduction of BERT. In fact, many authorities in the SEO world (such as Search Engine Land) deemed this to be “the largest change to Google’s search system since the company introduced RankBrain” back in 2014. What is BERT?... Read More >
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