Long gone are the days of an organic-only social media approach.  Today, for the most part, it’s a pay-to-play world. Organic social still has its place and, for paid social to have a chance to win, you must have a content-based approach that is rooted in brand purpose, audience psychographics, creative messaging and measurement and driven by a strong dedicated team of social experts.

Social Media continues to be a powerful digital marketing engine for brands to engage their core audiences given its reach, scale and targeting capabilities. As social has grown in popularity across nearly all B2C and B2B demographic segments, the major platforms have made it more complex for brands to garner attention.

Did you know?
  • 73% of marketers believe their social media marketing efforts have been “somewhat” or “very effective” for business (source)
  • 54% of social consumers use social media platforms to research products and services (source)
  • 96% of Facebook users access it on mobile (source)

At New Media Advisors, we bring an advanced understanding of social media and how to connect brand purpose and objectives with target audience needs and mindsets. We’ve helped lead social media strategy and execution for brands in highly saturated industries.  We know how to target and reach an array of audiences through both organic and paid. Furthermore, we understand the scale and impact of geographically distributed social media initiatives that educate local operators, empower them to serve their in-market customers and help mitigate brand reputation risks while allowing for flexible, differentiated local messaging.

For clients to win in social channels, we focus on the following key pillars to help drive success:

  • Develop a strategy that combines what your brand cares about and what your audience cares about across key phases of the customer journey including awareness, consideration, purchase and service.
  • Build audience profiles and customer segments that clearly identify interests, mindsets, event triggers and key platforms used along with how they prefer brands engage with them and the permissions you have.
  • Conduct an audit that evaluates prior social media content, efforts and results. Analyze your brand’s reach with key audiences versus your competitor set, looking for pockets of opportunity for what works best to grow share and standout in a cluttered ecosystem. Take inventory of creative assets (imagery & video), the tools in place and available resources to scale social content for the future.
  • Develop your go-to-market plan including brand style guides, creative review processes, evergreen and seasonal editorial calendars and carve out budgets for investment in both organic and paid social.
  • Start executing, measuring and testing new social media posts focused on meeting your audience needs and delighting them with unexpected and useful content. Align execution with PR, paid media, email marketing and content marketing campaigns to amplify brand stories. Boost posts showing high engagement to maximize impact.
  • Measure performance into thematic and post-level KPIs for reach, engagement, sentiment and core business outcomes. Dive into what ingredients allow some posts to outperform others and the ROI behind paid social investments, to inform future content planning and creative development.

If the brand is multi-location, it’s important to know how to best structure operations: centralized, distributed or a hybrid model. Some important considerations for multi-location brands include educating those in locales on brand guidelines, keeping them informed on platform-specific tactics and capabilities, making brand creative available for distribution and possible geo-adaptation, equipping local market leaders to engage their own communities and providing tools for reputation and review management. While localized social media campaigns can be operationalized at the corporate level, they are often more authentic and relevant to consumers when managed at a local level. Local social media efforts can be complimented with Local SEO and a balanced SEO strategy.

Contact us today to learn how our Plan-Build-Grow framework can be tailored to your business objectives and how we to help you build a world class social media strategy that will move your brand forward.