Whether using a mobile phone, streaming audio and video, connecting with friends and family via social media or simply reading today’s news, today’s consumers are spending more time online than ever before.  Your brand needs to be there if you want to build your awareness, cultivate leads and drive more revenue. 

Digital advertising allows you to reach consumers at scale and with precision.  Specific audiences can be targeted via their online behavior, interests, demographics or via your own first party data and models.  It’s an ever-changing space with new platforms and publishers launching every day.  Work with experienced leaders that know how to drive the ROI you’re seeking from your digital ad spend.

Did you know?
  • Digital advertising is the fastest growing segment in advertising and will hit $517 billion globally by 2023 (source)
  • Google’s Display Network reaches 90% of the global internet user population (source)
  • Retargeting users with display ads increases their likelihood to convert by 70% (source)

At New Media Advisors, we understand what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to digital advertising.  We have taken dozens of campaigns from planning to implementation to measurement and optimization and have the experience your brand needs to ensure you get the ROI you expect on your ad spend.  Don’t trust your success to a partner that is learning on your dime.

To be successful in digital advertising, we believe you should:

  • Clearly define your target audience and advertising goals – before you launch a single ad or spend a single dollar
  • Analyze your industry and the competition to uncover where white space opportunities exist and how your advertising can be used to position your brand as different than the rest
  • Develop a multi-channel advertising strategy that is practical and defensible – every dollar can be measured via pre-defined measures of success
  • Work with best in-class partners to activate your advertising in channels and platforms that are both efficient and effective – not just spending where everyone else is
  • Systematically track campaign performance and optimize in flight to ensure that funds are being used to their highest and best use, budgets are pacing correctly and results are being achieved

Contact us today to learn how our Plan-Build-Grow framework can be tailored to your business needs and how we can partner to leverage digital advertising to fuel your future growth. Our lead advisors also bring deep expertise into specific digital advertising channels including Paid Search and Social Media.