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Search engines are at the epicenter your customers’ journey. Are you reaching them when it matters most?

Our 20+ years of experience in financial services digital marketing has led us to the conclusion that the most profitable third-party digital marketing opportunities for regional banks, community banks and credit unions are in Search Engine Optimization, Local Search and laser-targeted Paid Search.

We are THE EXPERTS in helping banks, credit unions and financial services firms grow market share through Organic and Paid Search.

Our founders, Brent Bouldin and Scott Gardner, have decades of experience in leading search engine and content marketing for some of the most successful banks in America today. We specialize in helping financial services companies implement the framework, capabilities, strategy and know-how to reach customers when and where they are searching for online answers to help improve their financial lives. We thrive at driving efficient customer acquisition, deepening existing relationships and creating brand awareness and consideration with target audiences at very specific stages of their financial journies and life stages.

Below are a few of the accomplishments we’ve achieved in the financial services space that we can bring to your firm:

Led the program ranked the No 1. Bank in Gartner’s 2019 Digital IQ Index
+175,000 keywords ranked in the top 10 results of Google
+ 10% YoY growth in SEO traffic and applications (5 consecutive years)


Drove advancements in paid search capabilities, investments and ROI
+400% growth in pay-per-click (PPC) profitability
+45% growth in PPC unit volume


In order for banks, credit unions and financial services institutions to drive incremental growth through search engines, there are some key ingredients to success.

Advanced website platform, architecture and publishing capabilities
– Easy navigation, fast-loading pages and mobile-first experiences
– Hyper-local platforms optimized to engage (, Google My Business, online reputation)


customer centric content

Customer-centric content via product and financial education
– Be a trusted guide in your customers’ financial lives
– Stay relevant to Google’s YMYL and E-A-T ranking factors


Educate, collaborate and innovate with your internal teams
– SEO must align across Tech, UX, brand marketing, advertising and leadership
– Build links and mentions through PR, local partners and sponsorships


Your customer’s journey is not linear. Search is an always-on, primary channel that helps end users make better choices to improve their lives. Proactively positioning your brand for discovery, consideration, purchase and customer loyalty decisions across SEO, Local Search and Paid Search is both an offensive and defensive marketing strategy; the latter is key to helping your awareness campaigns in TV, radio, print and email payoff when audiences search Google for your brand offerings.

If your company is not consistently adapting to Google’s complex algorithms and advancements in paid search capabilities, we should talk.  We know banking and we know search engine marketing — let us help you get unstuck!