What makes New Media Advisors different is that we are NOT an agency.  We are advisors to in-house, client-side marketers.

We help Financial Services brands reduce their continued dependency and spend on agencies by simplifying and building stronger in-house capabilities. This approach reduces costs, increases agility, drives talent development and creates long-term value for the brand. It is proven to accelerate performance growth across Search, Local and Content Marketing. 


We sit in the unique position of having started in Marketing just as digital was becoming a ‘thing’ nearly 20-years ago.  We grew up doing digital marketing for Financial Services companies – first as doers of the work, then as leaders of teams, then as Executives.  As our careers grew, we moved into client-slide senior leadership roles, overseeing large programs and departments and then, ultimately, into running entire Marketing organizations.

We have rolled up our sleeves and done the hard stuff.  We have failed fast, learned quickly and embraced the need to adapt, change and guide business partners into new and emerging areas. We have worked inside the risk and compliance guardrails that exist in Financial Services.  Most importantly, we know how to drive value for organizations in this industry because we have walked many miles in your shoes and have learned what it takes to create lasting success.


Having worked alongside agency partners for the last 20+ years, we are all-to-familiar with how the traditional agency model works.  Simply put, the model is broken.  Agencies are incented to grow their own business – not yours.  Their goals are to expand their service offerings to existing clients and generate more fee-based revenue – all at the client’s expense.  The industry sales model is based on leveraging a few subject matter experts in very senior roles to pitch and win business and then deliver services using junior, much less experienced resources.  Turnover is rampant.  Your agency fees are used to build their internal knowledge capital and to train and re-train staff as seats turnover.  You are ultimately leasing expertise.  None of this works to your brands advantage.

We created New Media Advisors to do exactly the opposite of what we had experienced as in-house marketing leaders.  We want to teach you how to fish.  Our goal is to provide your organization with the help you need to grow your traffic and hit your revenue goals.  We want to help you set up a sustainable, client-owned model that produces results and ultimately phases us out of the picture.  We can (and will) set up your programs and run them for you if that’s what your organization needs and wants – but that is not our primary objective nor is that ideal for the types of forward-thinking brands we best serve.  Our objective is focused on setting you up to be successful and more self-sufficient.


Imagine bringing on a partner that could help you:

  • Be confident that you have future-proofed critical marketing channels
  • Establish yourself as a visionary leader within your organization
  • Show +20-30% digital performance improvements to your Leadership
  • Increase revenue while reducing overall marketing spend
  • Consistently outrank your competition in Google
  • Steal share from competitors that have bigger marketing budgets
  • Help your brand be recognized as a best-in-class innovator
  • Improve employee satisfaction and associate development as you empower them to take more ownership of marketing results and outcomes

If you are like we were and realize there is a better way forward, let’s talk!