What makes New Media Advisors different is the fact that we have done the work of in-house digital marketing at major brands, in very competitive verticals.


We sit in the unique position of having started in Marketing just as digital was becoming a ‘thing’ nearly 20-years ago.  We grew up in this space – first as doers of the work, then as leaders of teams, then as Executives.  We matured into client-slide senior leadership roles overseeing entire departments and then graduated into running Marketing organizations for large enterprises.  We have rolled up our sleeves and done the hard stuff.  We have failed fast, learned quickly and embraced the need to adapt, change and guide business partners into the unknown. We know how to drive value for your organization because we have walked many miles in your shoes and bring an inside-out approach.


Other firms can offer fractional CMOs that have held the CMO title at huge organizations while others are ‘Big 4’ digital strategists that can come in at a huge cost and pull from the templated playbooks that they use at every company they work for (we know that too because before we were marketers, we were consultants). Good luck finding anyone in those ranks that has done what we have – start in the trenches and work our way up from doing, to managing, to leading and changing how organizations move forward. That’s the difference.

If you need someone from central casting or a Wall Street executive to put in front of your Board of Directors to demonstrate that you have a CMO that knows his or her stuff, that’s fine – we know some places we can send you that will charge you a small fortune for what you’re looking for.  If what you really want is someone that can get the job done, someone that’s done more than just give the marching orders and manage up, someone that is a digital-native and knows modern marketing inside and out – well, that’s where we fit in.


What are the driving forces in how we operate?

  • Be change agents and work with Clients to take responsible risks
  • Treat others with respect and equality
  • Be committed and bring our best
  • Be servant-leaders and help others thrive
  • Strive towards a shared purpose
  • Be transparent through honesty and loyalty
  • Be responsible and accountable